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Friday 14 November 2003

The new Nissan Micra has made an impressive debut in the What Car? Security Supertest 2003, jumping straight to the top of the supermini class.

The Micra passed both the entry and the driveaway tests with flying colours and scored full marks for its locking system, which prevented the What Car? security testers from gaining access to the car within the two-minute timeframe, and for its immobiliser which stopped the vehicle from being driven away within a five-minute timeframe.

What Car? stated: "The locks proved more than up to the job of keeping our testers at bay, aided by the standard-fit deadlocks. The immobiliser also outwitted attempts to overcome it. In fact, our security team could find very few chinks in the Micra’s armour.

"If the results in this category prove anything, it’s that you don’t have to spend a fortune for decent security. The best city cars and superminis rival models costing at least three times as much", added What Car?

Alongside the security features that helped the Micra secure joint first place in the supermini class of the security test, the Micra also has some added technology to complement the impressive line-up. From SE grade upwards, all models feature an Intelligent Key which comes with a small wireless transmitter in the shape of a key fob. This can be kept permanently in a pocket, briefcase or handbag.

When it is within 80 cm of the car, its presence is detected and the door or tailgate can be opened simply by pushing a button on the handle. The transmitter can be programmed in one of two modes: convenience or security. When in convenience mode, the proximity of the Intelligent Key allows any door to be opened by pushing the button on the handle, rather like a conventional central locking system. In security mode, however, only the driver`s door can be opened to prevent unauthorised entry to the car via one of the other doors. If the driver is satisfied that there is no threat of hijack, pressing the button twice unlocks all the doors.

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