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Jaguar XJ6 & XJ12 / Daimler review covering 1986 - 1997

Jaguar XJ6 & XJ12 / Daimler review covering 1986 - 1997

Monday 24 May 2004

You don't have to have reached directorship level to own a Jaguar. In actual fact, you can buy a good one at prices beginning from Mondeo money. Yes, really.And if you've always yearned after a Jaguar, this could be the best time to buy one. A warranted lowish mileage Sovereign 4.0 for example, could be yours - from a Jaguar dealer - for the cost of an ordinary, mass produced mid-range family saloon.

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MG RV8 review covering 1992 - 1995MG RV8 review covering 1992 - 1995

Wednesday 5 May 2004

The MG RV8 is one of the stranger chapters in British motoring history. Just as we like to ponder how it would be if dinosaurs walked the earth today, a similar thought might have been running through

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