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Models Covered:First generation XM - 1989-1994: (2.0 5dr Hatchback,Estate [base,i,i Turbo,Si,Si Turbo,SEi,SEi Turbo] / 3.0 6cy 5dr Hatchback,Estate [Si,SEi] / 2.1 TD 5dr Hatchback,Estate [D,SD,SED])Second generation XM - 1994-2000: (2.0 16v 5dr Hatchback,Estate [SX,SX Turbo,VSX Turbo,Exclusive Turbo] / 3.0 6cy 5dr Hatchback,Estate [Exclusive] / 2.1 TD 5dr Hatchback,Estate [SX,VSX,Exclusive] / 2.5 TD 5dr Hatchback,Estate [VSX,Exclusive])

Citroen XM Review

Quick Summary of the Citroen XM

OVERALLCitroen XM Overall Rating

Gallic charm with attitude. The XM makes a pleasant change from normal executive fare. Buy carefully and enjoy.


You couldn't honestly describe Citroen's XM as 'conservative'. 'Refreshingly radical' or 'slightly quirky' tend to be the two most common sentiments expressed. Whichever side of the fence you sit upon, however, you have to credit the car's designers for having the confidence to produce something so completely different.That's a rare and desirable quality, particularly in today's mass produced marketplace. It isn't a recipe for soaring sales figures however, and the executive XM has never achieved the kind of success in the luxury sector that Citroen have enjoyed with their smaller cars. That doesn't mean, however, that the XM isn't a reasonable used market buy. Quite the contrary in fact - as long as you choose with care.
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History of the XM

The XM was launched in 1989. Initially, there were a couple of 2.0-litre engines producing 115bhp and 130bhp, as well as a big 3.0-litre V6. All models imported here featured Citroen's clever suspension system, which senses how you're driving and adjusts the ride and handling to suit.The 2.1-litre turbo diesel arrived in 1990 and a large estate made it to the UK a year later. There was also a petrol-powered turbo. From 1993, anti-lock brakes were standardised and the line-up was completely revised in 1994. The second generation XM range incorporated minor styling revisions and airbags. A new 2.5-l