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Models Covered:(1.2, 1.4 8v, 1.4 16v, five-door supermini [S, SE, Xtra, SX, Blue])

Daewoo Kalos Review

Quick Summary of the Daewoo Kalos

OVERALLDaewoo Kalos Overall Rating

As long as you know that your used Daewoo Kalos is never going to set neighbourhood curtains twitching in envy, it will make a dependable buy. Other rivals may have more flair, cleverer tricks up their sleeves and more seductive styling, but the Kalos is going to leave a smaller dent in your disposable income reserves. That'll be more than enough to swing the balance for many cash-strapped families.


Daewoo's bargain basement, no-frills approach to car manufacturing may have enabled it to get a toehold in the UK market, but such a strategy isn't a viable way to maximise profits in the car industry. Building added value into a product and charging a little more for it is a far better business model and it's one that Daewoo had to pursue, encumbered as they were by a brand name that still smacked of lowest common denominator motoring. The Kalos was their first offering in the supermini sector that could sell without price being the overriding factor and it was good enough to put a lick on quite a few more mainstream names. Tracking down a used example shouldn't be too difficult and nor should it prove a big risk.
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History of the Kalos

First seen in the UK at the 2002 Motor Show, Daewoo's Kalos wowed the crowds with its avant garde styling and neat interior detailing. Cars started arriving in dealer showrooms in early January 2003 and take up was good. The range initially consisted of the 1.2S amd SE models and a 1.4SE version. The 1.4-litre 16-valve cars arrived a few weeks later, being offered in SE or SX trim. Summer 2003 saw the introduction of the value-packed 1.4 Xtra and the sporty 1.4 16v Blue edition. The death knell sounded for the