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Models Covered: Mk V [1990-1993] 1.3, 1.4, 1.6-litre petrol [i, XR3i, Dash]. Mk VI [1993-1995] 1.6, 1.8-litre petrol [Si, Silhouette, Mistral, Solar]. Mk VII [1995-1998] 1.6, 1.8-litre petrol [Si, Calypso, Ghia]

Ford Escort Review

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With no-nonsense engineering and a wealth of affordably priced spares available, the Ford Escort Cabriolet is probably the lowest cost and lowest risk route to getting behind the wheel of a soft-top car. It's worth spending a little extra for a post 1995 edition, but even in an early car you'll soon see why the Escort Cabriolet was so successful. It may not be the most stylish Cabriolet on the road, but on the right road in the right weather, it can almost make you feel a million dollars. Well, a good few hundred at least.


The Ford Escort Cabriolet was the car that brought open top motoring to the masses. If you're looking for an affordable used soft-top that will seat four in comfort and can do without temperamental engines and rusty bodywork worries, Ford's Escort Cabriolet may be a good way to go, especially if you're operating on a tight budget. One thing you won't be short of is choice, as there are literally thousands out there. We limit ourselves here to the cars sold between 1990 and 1998, but it's worth remembering that Ford had already manufactured over 100,000 Escort Cabriolets prior to 1990! Track down a good one and you've got yourself a good buy, but you'll need to tread carefully to avoid the dross.
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History of the Escort

The Mk V Escort was launched to muted acclaim in 1990, the Cabriolet model choice being either a 108bhp 1.6i or a 105bhp catalysed version. It's fair to say these cars weren't the high point of the Escort Cabriolet evolution, and in February 1992 Ford revived the XR3i badge, this time with a Zetec 1800cc engine. A 1.4-litre 60bhp Escort Dash Cabriolet followed in June of that year, but few were tempted.The model range was thoroughly facelifted in Spring 1993. Some refer to these models as 'Mk V Facelifts' although most prefer to call it the Mk VI. It could be identified by the oval grille on the front end and revised styling around the grille and tail lights. The 130bhp 1.8-litre Si model was the first to join the fray, quickly followed by the 90bhp 1.6-litre Silhouette, Mistral and Solar editions.The major change to the Escort Cabriolet range came in 1995 with the introduct