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Models Covered: 2dr Coupe 2.0, 3.0 petrol [ES, V6]

Honda Accord Review

Quick Summary of the Honda Accord

OVERALLHonda Accord Overall Rating

If you know what you're looking for and that something is a car that's comfortable, reliable, well-engineered and sleek without being ostentatious the Honda Accord Coupe could be just your thing. Sales figures would dictate that this sort of customer is something of a rare beast and your best opportunity for tracking down a well looked after Accord Coupe may well be via a franchised dealer. Some cars make all kinds of sense new and suddenly become awful; used buys. The Accord Coupe is the opposite. There were always several more compelling new buys in the Accord's corner of the market, but second time around the Honda's blend of reliability and owner profile make it worth a look.


Consider for a moment the concept of the 'world car'. Ford coined the phrase when launching the Mondeo, a car that was sold in a number of global markets, but a truer example would probably be the fifth generation Honda Accord. This acme of Japanese cars is bankrolled in Japan and sold all around the world. The saloon and hatch models are built in Swindon, the Type-R models developed in Hiroshima. The car we examine here, the two-door Accord Coupe hails from Marysville, Ohio in the industrial heartland of Uncle Sam. Would putting a used one on your driveway make you a part of the cosmopolitan cognoscenti or would you merely be depriving the global village of an idiot? Find out here.
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History of the Accord

Before the fifth generation Accord Coupe was unveiled in July 1998, Honda had been bereft of a coupe they could be proud of. Yes, the manic Integra Type-R was gaining plaudits, but Honda's showing in the sort of market sector that the Ford Cougar and Vauxhall Calibra had mad