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Models Covered:(5dr hatch 1.4 petrol [S, SE, Sport])

Honda Jazz Review

Quick Summary of the Honda Jazz

OVERALLHonda Jazz Overall Rating

If you've got an eye for quality and don't mind forking out for it, the Honda Jazz is a good bet. There's not a weak link in the entire range and residual values will be rock solid. Honda have proved that there is intelligent life to be found beyond the Civic. Recommended.


Hands up all who remember the original Honda Jazz? Available between 1984 and 1985, its mayfly longevity hints at its less than soaraway success. A bug-eyed box on wheels, the old Jazz was a mere stopgap, designed to plug a hole in the range until the next generation Civic appeared. Fast forward sixteen years and Honda were at the same game again, importing the underwhelming Logo for just a year until new Jazz landed. Fortunately – unless you plumped for a Logo – the Jazz was well worth the wait, rapidly becoming one of the finest superminis on sale. There's still little to touch it in terms of design flair, engineering excellence, driving characteristics and sheer reliability. If you want a small car that's as close to a bulletproof used buy as it's possible to get, the Honda Jazz is it.
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History of the Jazz

Prior to 2001, Honda's attempts to interest the British public in anything smaller than a Civic had fallen on stony ground. As the Civic got bigger and more sophisticated with each passing generation, however, breathing space appeared for a five-door supermini and the Jazz debuted in November 2001. Some cars are 'growers', taking their time to impress you with their range of qualities. The Jazz was anything but. Within ten seconds of getting into the little Honda it was clear that Honda had raised the supermini bar a good few notches with their effort.Three separate trim levels were available, S, SE and SE Sport (more often referred to as merely Sport) and in May 2002 a se