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Models Covered:(5 dr hatch 1.0 petrol [base, +, Midas] )

Hyundai Atoz Review

Quick Summary of the Hyundai Atoz

OVERALLHyundai Atoz Overall Rating

The Hyundai Atoz is a city car that adds a little more luggage space, a little more equipment, and a little more peace of mind than most of its rivals. As a used buy it makes good sense, as Hyundai's after sales service is one of the best, and that tends to decrease your chances of dredging up a duffer. There's no pretension with an Atoz, just good fun urban transport.


Apparently named after the A To Z map book you'll need to navigate large cities, the Atoz is a city car par excellence. But then so, it could be argued, are any number of other tiny cars from both Asia and Europe. Why buy a used Atoz? Firstly, you may need ultimate utility – five doors, acceptable interior space and the narrowness that's handy in the urban sprawl. Secondly, you may want something that faintly resembles a car in appearance, unlike the extreme eggbox shapes of the Suzuki Wagon R+ or Daihatsu Move. If this is the case, a used Atoz makes a good bet.If the styling is still somewhat too sit-up-and-beg for your liking, the newer but mechanically similar Hyundai Amica may fit the bill. For a growing number of British customers however, the Atoz has been the answer to their particular requirements. Powered by a willing 1.0-litre powertrain, the Atoz is not as hopeless as one might expect on the open road, although free-flowing motorways are not its forte. Still, if you place yourself in the middle of any big UK city and consider how many miles you'd need to drive before the Atoz felt a bit exposed in this respect, you'd appreciate the logic in searching down a decent used one.
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History of the Atoz

The Atoz had no predecessor in the Hyundai range to live up to upon launch in May 1998. Rather it was a clean-