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Models Covered: 2003-to date: (2dr coupe/cabrio 2.0 petrol 138/180bhp])

Peugeot 307 CC Review

Quick Summary of the Peugeot 307 CC

OVERALLPeugeot 307 CC Overall Rating

The Peugeot 307CC is the most cost effective way of purchasing a four seat hard topped cabriolet, but it's not the most reliable car we've ever encountered. Take your time to look at a few and try to pick a decent example.


Although it seems that almost everybody is now jumping on the Coupe Cabriolet bandwagon, Peugeot were among the first to popularise the genre in this country and if you're after a reasonably priced car of this ilk, the French marque represents your best option. The 206CC has been the big seller but if you want something altogether bigger, more sophisticated and a good deal better looking, you'll need a 307CC. Here we take a look at whether one of these technically complex cars makes a sound used purchase.
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History of the 307 CC

Prior to the 307CC arriving on the market in July 2003, your choices for a tin-toped cabriolet extended to either a 206CC or some seriously expensive tackle like the Lexus SC430 or the Mercedes SLK and SL models. In the middle market where most prospective cabriolet buyers did their shopping there was a big, fat zero. With the benefit of their experience with the 206CC behind them, Peugeot were able to bring the 307CC to market a crucial few months before their big rivals Renault could launch the Megane CC. Available with a two-litre engine of either 138 or 180bhp, the 307 CC was an instant hit, its lines a good deal better resolved than many of the rather lumpen coupe cabriolets we've seen since.The