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Models Covered:5dr 4x4, 2.3, 3.2 petrol, 2.9 diesel, 2.9 turbodiesel

Ssangyong Musso Review

Quick Summary of the Ssangyong Musso

OVERALLSsangyong Musso Overall Rating

Just because you've got a growing family and the outgoings to match doesn't necessarily mean you should cave in to mediocrity and buy an ageing MPV. A SsangYong Musso has a whole lot more about it and offers the opportunity for weekend off roading fun. The Musso is big, tough and is unlikely to depreciate a whole lot further. If a premium badge doesn't concern you, the Musso could make an interesting bet. It's worth it just to be able to confuse people who think they know about cars.


When it comes to badge equity, you've either got it or you haven't. Whilst Mercedes and BMW drivers pay a big premium for the guaranteed residual values and snob appeal of their smart badges, there are other marques that have to forge an existence on the strength of their hardware. Take SsangYong for example. If you're asking yourself 'Who?', that illustrates the point exactly. The Musso 4x4 was launched in the UK in 1995 and failed to create much of an impression for four years, largely due to the fact that we like our premium badges on big 4x4s. The ironic thing is that if you pop the bonnet, you'll see a premium lump of Mercedes-Benz iron staring back at you but most never bothered to investigate that far. As a used buy, the Musso makes an excellent value family 4x4. Before you sign up for an MPV, give one a look.
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History of the Musso

Things get a little complex here. The Musso was originally badged a SsangYong in the UK and remained that way until 1999 when SsangYong were subsumed by the Daewoo empire. This bit of Korean politicking escaped most buyers who steadfastly continued to ignore the Daewoo Musso. Sales petered out by 2002 but the SsangYong marque has subsequently made a welcome return to the UK with the Musso's successor, the beefy Rexton.Ssangyong models first arrived in May 1995, with the 2.9 diesel model in standard, SE and GSE trim levels. June 1996 saw this 94bhp engine uprated to 99bhp. In January 1997, the unusual GX220 model was laun