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Models Covered:(3/5dr hatchback, 4dr saloon, 5dr estate 1.0, 1.4, 1.6 petrol, 1.4, 1.9 diesel [E, S, SE, 16v, GTi])

VW Polo Review

Quick Summary of the VW Polo

OVERALLVW Polo Overall Rating

If you want the plushest, most mature supermini around, a used Volkswagen Polo should head your list. The interior ambience is genuinely opulent, the exterior styling is pretty and the image and residual values are both strong. If you are in the position to choose, the three-cylinder TDi and 75bhp 1.4 SE models are probably the best bet, with the GTi an interesting option for those who want more zip. If you are trying other makes of supermini, try the Polo last. After driving one any other rival will feel decidedly blue-collar.


The Volkswagen Polo has never enjoyed the cult status of the Golf, but has nonetheless been a major seller in the UK for over twenty years. Following the trend set by the Golf, it evolved from very simple beginnings to become one of the most sophisticated offerings in its class. This Polo, launched in 1999, effectively bridges the gap between citycars of the Volkswagen Lupo class, and premium family hatchbacks like the Golf. In many ways it seems to occupy the slot once held by the Golf. Does paying big money for such a small car make sense in the used market, or is the Polo an unremarkable range filler?
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History of the Polo

The Polo has been a fixture in the lower half of Britain's top ten best sellers for nearly two decades now, so we've grown accustomed to its charms. Once the preserve of middle-Class student girls, the Polo went upmarket, resulting in the model seen here. Although it looks broadly similar to its predecessor, the differences are widespread. The entire bodyshell was revised to provide better accident protection and to reduce interior noise. It is fully galvanised, and altogether the current model only shares 40% of its componentry with the previous iteration. Saloon and estate models were available for those who wante