Advice and tips on UK car exports provided by CompuCars

Permanent Exports

If you intend to take your vehicle abroad for more than 12 months, this is regarded as a permanent export. Before you go you must complete the V5 Registration Document, to show the intended date of export and return the document to DVLA or to a DVLA Local Office. In its place, you will receive a Certificate of Export V561 as confirmation of your vehicle's registration.

If you do not have a V5 Registration Document or if you have a Green V5/2 New Keeper's Supplement, you will need to apply for an export certificate using form V756 which is available from a DVLA Local Office. Make sure that you provide all the information requested on the form including the chassis number of the vehicle. You can either take or send your application to a Local Office or alternatively send it to DVLA, Swansea. If the application is made in person to a Local Office you will be required to provide proof of identity such as a Driving Licence, Passport or a utility bill which clearly shows your name and address. Unless you are already registered as the keeper of the vehicle, checks for entitlement may have to be made before an Export Certificate is issued. If the Local Office is unable to issue the Certificate, the application will be forwarded to the DVLA and despatch of the certificate may be delayed while entitlement is established.

The Local Office will not accept an application more than 14 days in advance of the date of export.

Note: You may be required to surrender the Export Certificate (or the V5 registration document if it is still in your possession) to the foreign authority when the vehicle is registered abroad.

Temporary Exports

If you are taking your vehicle out of the country for less than 12 months you must take your V5 registration document with you. If you do not have a Registration Document you should apply for one at a DVLA Local Office using form V62 or, if you have a Green V5/2 New Keeper's Supplement in your name, form V379/1. Proof of identity such as Driving Licence, Passport or utility bill and proof of purchase i.e. bill of sale may be required when you apply. After checks of the vehicle record at DVLA are completed you should be issued with a temporary Certificate of Registration to cover the period away. It is essential that either Certificate be applied for well in advance of the intended date of export. If the DVLA Local Office is unable to issue the Certificate for any reason, the application will have to be forwarded to DVLA and despatch of the Certificate may be delayed whilst entitlement is established.

Remember to consult your car insurer to check that your use is properly covered. You will also need to fix a GB sticker to the rear of your vehicle and carry onboard any other items required by the local Country e.g. Spare bulb / fuse kit, first aid kit.